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For over twenty years Valley Rock has been providing you with the best variety of landscape and gardening supplies to choose from. Do you visualize yourself with a new lawn or sitting on your new patio entertaining your friends & family around your outside BBQ area or planting vegetables and flowers in your new garden. Your inspiration begins here! Valley Rock is your one stop shop for all your landscaping and gardening needs. We are located next to the old drive in theater in Lompoc.

Valley Rock has a wide range of landscape products including Topsoil's, Decomposed Granite, Decorative Rock, and landscape bark, Mulch, Flagstone, Landscape Boulders, Sand and gravel, River Cobbles, Retaining walls, Railroad Ties and Weed barrier fabrics. We also carry a complete inventory of sprinkler valves, pipe and fittings and all the major brands of sprinklers such as Hunter, Toro, Rain Bird and after the Irrigation is in we also have fresh cut sod available to you delivered fresh. We also offer Building Materials which include Concrete, Masonry Sand, Rock & Sand mix, Cement, Rebar, Brick and Block, and a tool inventory focussed on the homeowner as well as the contractor.

Here at Valley Rock, we are committed to a more earth friendly way of gardening. Our gardening supplies feature a wide variety organic growing products for both indoor and outdoor gardening, including Fox Farm soils, Fox Farm nutrients, Happy Frog soils, Happy Frog fertilizer, Roots organic soils, Cocofiber, Perlite, General Hydroponics nutrients, Botanicare, Extra sun lighting, High output fluorescent light systems, Digital and Mechanical Ballast, and a nice selection of organic pest and disease control. And our prices will be hard to beat.

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