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Valley Rock has a wide range of landscape products including Topsoil's, Decomposed Granite, Decorative Rock, and landscape bark, Mulch, Flagstone, Landscape Boulders, Sand and gravel, River Cobbles, Retaining walls, Railroad Ties and Weed barrier fabrics. We also carry a complete inventory of sprinkler valves, pipe and fittings and all the major brands of sprinklers such as Hunter, Toro, Rain Bird and after the Irrigation is in we also have fresh cut sod available to you delivered fresh.

We also offer Building Materials such as Concrete, Masonry Sand, Rock & Sand mix, Cement, Rebar, Brick and Block, and a tool inventory focussed to the homeowner as well as the contractor.

When it's time to take on that project bring in your calculations. View the products and we can help you make your decision, you can take your product home with you or we can deliver it for you. To busy just give us call we can schedule your delivery over phone.

Sprinkler & Irrigation - We have a full line of irrigation and sprinkler products in stock including PVC pipe and fittings in schedule 40 & 80, class 200 & 315 and much more:

  • Drip tubing
  • Sprinklers
  • Valves & Controllers
  • Hunter
  • Toro
  • Rain Bird
  • Irritrol
  • Dig
  • Rain drip Irrigation
  • Drip tubing
  • Soaker hose
  • Emitters
  • Mini sprinkler
  • Mini sprayer
  • Filters
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Drainage
  • PVC drain pipe
  • PVC drain fittings
  • Corrugated Pipe
  • Corrugated Fittings
  • Catch Basins
  • Filter & Filter Fabric
  • Valve boxes & valves
  • PVC Ball valves
  • Brass Ball valves
  • Brass Gate valves
  • Hose Bibs
  • Plastic Valve boxes rectangular & round
  • Pipe Repair
  • Compression couplers
  • Slip fix

Harvest Blend compost – Whether you're putting in a new lawn or just renovating the one you have, we have the soil for you to get the job done. Adding our compost will save you water, stabilize your pH, give you better roots and add organic matter. This is an excellent seed topper also

Topsoil compost – This soil is a blend of Harvest Blend Compost and TopSoil this soil is excellent to put the final touches on before you lay sod or reseed your lawn. Either working it in sandy areas or using it to level off, this soil will work well.

Soil amendment – This is the harvest Blend Compost mixed with nitrogen entrained Redwood shavings this soil will hold moisture and give organic matter for a healthy new lawn.

Potting soil mix – also known as Lompoc Valley in Bloom Mix We have come up with our own special blend that works for all planting needs. Raised vegetable gardens, Tree planting, Container gardening, Roses, Bushes and trees.

Fill dirt – This dirt is great for filling in low spots, Back filling retaining walls or just filling in where the dog dug a hole in the yard.

Sequoia planters mix – This is a finely ground forest humus that is nitrogen entrained this is Perfect for applying over grass seed, amending the Rose garden or just used as a soil amendment it is also used as mulch to keep weeds down.

Redwood shavings – This is used to amend the soil, by working it in you are adding organic matter to the soil and will greatly help hold moisture in, adding nitrogen and help with drainage in poor soil conditions.

Sod – Valley Rock Landscape & Supply offers many different types of "cool season" turf grasses which stay green year round on the Central Coast. Selecting the best turf grass depends on several factors. How will the turf be used? Where will it be grown? What appearance and maintenance level will be acceptable?

Triumph 2 – A blend of the top rated dwarf fescue varieties. Recognized for its year round dark green color, disease resistance, superior adaptability, and deep- rooted durability. It is an excellent turf for home and commercial lawns.

Bonsai – The double dwarf, turf type tall fescue is shorter, finer and a darker green than any other commercially available variety. Bonsai has drought tolerance equal to or better than any other tall fescue you can buy today. Its dwarf growth habit requires much less maintenance, less fertilizer & less mowing.

Coastal Triumph – A 50- 50 blend of Bonsai and Bluegrass, combining the fine texture, dark green color and deep-rooting ability of Bonsai with the regenerating ability and over all beauty of Bluegrass. It makes an ideal all-purpose lawn.

Gold Coast – A blend of Kentucky bluegrass's and a fine leaf turf type perennial ryegrass. This gives the sod containing the beauty of Kentucky bluegrass and the durability of perennial ryegrass. Recognized for dark green color and dense, beautiful appearance – fine to medium texture with excellent leaf uniformity. Gold Coast recovers quickly from occasional abuse- will withstand moderate foot traffic usage- rhizomes enhance quick recovery in spring and fall.

Sod Installation & Maintenance Guide

Prepare Soil – Spray to kill weeds and remove from area loosen soil 5-6 inches deep. Add Redwood or compost to amend the soil to hold moisture.

Grade – Smooth and level all surfaces to be sodded. Allow 1" Below walks, Patios, and Driveways.

Installation – Lay sod in straight line. Butt ends and edges together tightly. Do not overlap cut across a sod strip. Use a half piece to start every other row to stagger as in laying bricks. Trim free form areas with sharp knife.

Watering – When 200 to 300 square feet have been installed, water lightly. Continue to install sod and to water lightly until installation is complete. Then roll lightly to assure good soil contact.

Irrigation – Morning watering are the best. Immediately following installation, water thoroughly. Soil should be moistened to 3 – 4". Water at regular intervals to keep sod moist until rooted. The new sod should be well rooted in 10 – 14 days. Traffic should be avoided on the new lawn until after the first mowing in 7 – 10 days. Bluegrass – Avoid evening watering. Usually 2 – 3 waterings in moderate weather. Light daily AM waterings in hot summer months recommended to keep turf from heat stress. The same may be true for fescues on very sandy soil

Fescues – During the warm summer months, 2- 3 waterings per week may be necessary; whereas one good watering per week will generally be sufficient in moderate weather. Remember; soil types, weather, rainfall, irrigation set up, and the quality of turf desired should all be considered when determining your irrigation requirements.

Mowing – After sod Establishment Mow with a clean sharp mower blade. Gold Coast ( Bluegrass) 1 ½ - 2", Triumph 2 (Dwarf Fescue ) 1 ½ - 3", Bonsai (Dbl. Dwarf) 1 – 2 ½" .Higher mowing heights encourage deeper rooting and are best for warmer months.

Fertilizing – Broadcast fertilizer evenly onto sod every 4 – 6 weeks and water well. Use of a good quality complete fertilizer is best. Be sure to read the fertilizer package label prior to application and follow all recommendations as to rates of application. This promotes a healthy dark green lawn.

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